– Retailers’ activity: Germany ranked 1st, Poland – 13th, Brazil – 53rd

– Highest rents in the office segment (euro/sqm): Brazil – 52, Germany – 38, Netherlands – 29, Poland – 26, Argentina – 18

– Goals scored for the national team: Pele – 77, Miroslav Klose – 71, Gabriel Batistuta – 56, Włodzimierz Lubański – 48, Robin van Persie – 47

Warsaw, 14 July 2014 - A very intense month for all football fans came to an end on Sunday, following the World Cup final. The 2014 tournament was full of sudden twists and surprising finishes. The most outstanding of them all must have been Germany’s defeat and elimination of Brazil in a stunning 7-1, semi-final win.

“The football atmosphere in our office was electric, and everyone in the Warsaw bureau was betting on the outcome of each match. In the spirit of the World Cup, combining our football and professional passions we prepared an extraordinary comparison between the commercial real estate markets of the World Cup semi-finalists and Poland,” says Agata Czarnecka, Associate Director in Consultancy & Research Department in CBRE.

For many years, Germany has been both an economic and football powerhouse. As Miroslav Klose ranks as one of the leading goal scorers in World Cup history, the German market occupies the first spot in global ranking of retailers’ activities. Brazil and Argentina hold the 53rd and 55th places on the list, respectively. Though impossible in the World Cup, the Netherlands and Poland are tied at 13th. In the “How global is the business of retail” publication, Poland and the Netherlands are also ranked identically – 17th, while Argentina is as low as 58th and Brazil 45th. Germany is a very strong, 5th place.

When we compare the prime monthly rents in the warehouse sector, we see that Brazilian tenants pay most for logistics space – 7.5 euro per sqm, followed by Germany and the Netherlands – 6.2 and 6.25 euro/sqm, respectively. Polish tenants pay 5 euro/sqm, while Argentinian – 4 euro/sqm. In terms of prime rents for office space, there a much greater disparity emerges. Renting one square metre of modern office space costs 18 euro in Argentina, compared to as much as 52 euro in neighbouring Brazil which is twice more than in Poland, where the highest rents reach 26 euro. In the Netherlands, these costs amount to 29 euro and in Germany, 38 euro per one square metre. For office segment vacancy rates in their large cities, Poland and Argentina as well as Germany and Brazil have the same percentages. For Warsaw and Buenos Aires, this rate reaches 11-12%, for Frankfurt and Rio de Janeiro about 15%, and for Amsterdam – 17%.

While in developed countries success in sport is to some extent a consequence of strong economy, it is often the result of passion and heart in less wealthy states. This is why the Canarinhos are so loved all over the world and Brazil’s defeat against Germany in the semi-final touched so many.

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