– Retailers’ expansion plans for next year in EMEA as ambitious as for 2012–

Warsaw, 15 November 2012
According to experts at CBRE, the leading global property adviser, which has just published its How Active are Retailers in EMEA?

According to experts at CBRE, the leading global property adviser, which has just published its How Active are Retailers in EMEA? report examining the expansion plans of 100 leading retailers in Europe and the Middle East, Poland is the fifth most important target for retailers in Europe in 2013, with Germany a definite number one. This reflects Poland’s optimistic outlook and resilient economy. Poland is the only country in CEE to make it to the top 5, with the Czech Republic at no.10. In comparison to the 2011 ranking, Poland has moved up 5 positions, taking over such performers as Russia and Belgium. Over 22% of the leading retailers surveyed declare they will expand their store network in the Polish market next year, in comparison to 26% last year, reflecting fading retailers interest across the board.
The survey explores the markets being targeted by retailers and the number of stores they are looking to open in each market in 2013. The report finds that retailers’ overall expansion ambitions for next year have not changed significantly from 2012. A similar proportion of retailers as last year (44%) plan to open 10 stores or less in EMEA in 2013. One third of retailers – up from last year – plan to open 11-30 stores, reflecting an ambitious but realistic level of expansion given the difficulty in accessing prime space in many markets. 20% of retailers have large scale expansion plans, looking to open more than 30 stores in 2013, compared to 25% of retailers last year.

“Expansion plans of global retailers in Poland are good news for the owners and developers of modern retail space located in shopping centres and in the high streets of Polish cities. Many schemes are currently undergoing expansion or refurbishment, and they will be more than happy to welcome new retailers to their upgraded spaces. However, retailers are increasingly selective in their choice of locations, sometimes taking years to secure the right location for their new store rather than opening it in a project they perceive as poorly corresponding with their brand values" – said Magdalena Frątczak, Director of Retail at CBRE in Poland.

With multichannel retailing becoming increasingly important, retailers were asked about their plans to enhance their online transactional capability. Retailers are actively developing that capability in new markets, with 40% looking to expand their geographical online coverage, up from 28% last year. In their plans for 2012, retailers had been more focused on expanding their online product coverage. Only 27% of retailers have no significant plans to enhance their transactional capability for 2013.