Gerry Weber enters Poland in its own right

CBRE Appointed Exclusive Retail Agent for GERRY WEBER in Poland

Warsaw, 20 October 2011 – GERRY WEBER, one of the most famous and successful German fashion and lifestyle companies, has appointed CBRE as their exclusive retail agent for Poland.

GERRY WEBER already had 16 franchise operated stores in Poland. However first its store to be operated by the Company in Poland was opened on 8th October in the Echo Kielce shopping center and another locations are planned for 2011.

To expand their presence in Poland, GERRY WEBER plans to open 40 stores in five years in prime locations in Warsaw and regional cities.

CBRE will be responsible for searching new locations in Poland.

With over 430 Houses of GERRY WEBER worldwide, more than 2,000 shop-in-shops, attractive mono-label stores and successful online shops, the company‘s fashion and lifestyle brands are truly global and present twenty-four-seven.

GERRY WEBER is a clothing manufacturer that introduced RFID technology in order to optimize its logistics and retail processes, and also improve cost savings through loss prevention, efficiency and process transparency.