6 CBRE employees in the field trip in Madagascar

Warsaw, 13 May 2013 – CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate advisor, since 2011 has been supporting UNICEF with their project in Madagascar - building cyclone-proof schools and helping vulnerable communities adapt to the effects of climate change. On 22-26 April a Team of 6 CBRE employees from Europe, including Aneta Mandziuk from Poland, visited Madagascar.

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world – over 70% of the population live on less that 1.25 USD a day. Only 32% of the households in rural areas have access to clean, safe water. 45,000 children die each year before their fifth birthday. Many children have been abused and/or involved in child labor.

Aneta Mandziuk, Senior Marketing & Communication Manager at CBRE in Poland, said:
“The Madagascar field trip was a very moving and overwhelming experience to me. We visited the Emergency Child Protection Center where we met children who were beaten and abused. We also visited the schools funded by CBRE, where we experienced some touching moments – children were so happy and thankful for our support asking for more class rooms. We also visited a hospital in very basic condition, where one doctor and midwife take care of 40,000 people. I saw how much UNICEF is involved in the well-being of children matters and I realized how much there is to do in Madagascar. Therefore we will be continuing our support to build schools and help local communities. The protection of children’s rights, access to education and generally help build a better life for poor children is an absolute priority for CBRE.”

Madagascar also suffers from its geographic location. Over 60% of tropical cyclones that develop in the Indian Ocean hit. In 2012, about 330,000 people were affected by cyclones which damaged hundreds of schools and many primary health care centers.

“Approximately 1.5 million Malagasy children have no access to primary school education and only 3 of 10 children, who started education, complete it (in 5 class system). Our corporate efforts have sought to bring staff and our wider business together to help drive fundraising and until 2015 we will be able to provide 10 cyclone-proof schools with 2 class rooms each. These schools are located in the villages in the mountains which became inaccessible during the rainy season. The schools we fund have not only an education function, but also are used as shelters for whole families when a cyclone hits. We save many children’s and their families lives. We would like to encourage everyone to support our charity project. Together we can do more!” – added Aneta Mandziuk

Jan Banasikowski, Corporate Relations Manager at Polish National Committee for UNICEF, commented:
“Thank to high social responsibility of the companies such as CBRE and their willingness to be involved and helpful, UNICEF is able to reach out and support these children who need urgent help. CBRE’s financial support will provide children with access to education which helps build a better future for them. We believe that CBRE’s attitude and involvement could be inspiring for other corporations based in Poland to take the challenge and help children from emerging countries.”

If you would like to help us with building cyclone-proof schools, please visit the website:cbre.unicef.org.uk