Warsaw, 20 March 2014 – As of Monday, 17th March 2014, CBRE has moved its Polish headquarters within the same building from the 12th floor of Rondo 1 to the 24th floor, and at the same time the company is adopting its New Way of Working culture, based on an agile working concept.

Colin Waddell, Managing Director at CBRE for Poland, said:

‘The significant growth in CBRE’s Polish operations has motivated the search for larger premises that will support our ongoing expansion. CBRE will occupy 1,600 sq m of space in Rondo 1, twice as much area as its current premises and from now on CBRE will be operating under its New-Way-of-Working concept.’

Warsaw will be the 6th CBRE office to adopt its “Workplace 360” layout, following Amsterdam, Madrid, Los Angeles, Chicago and Prague.

‘We are very pleased to remain in the current location in Rondo 1 building, one of the most recognized Class A office projects in Poland and Central Europe. The move was essential for our own development and also helped us to implement our very-own, carefully tailored workplace strategy. I am confident that the new office layout will stimulate collaboration between individuals and departments while at the same time we will be able to serve our Clients in the best possible way.’ – added Colin Waddell.

The New-Way-of-Working principle encourages collaboration between the company’s employees and departments, nurturing CBRE’s integrated services platform. Various workplaces spaces are used depending on the business activities that need to be carried out at that time, and not based on predetermined allocation. If, at any time, an employee needs space for quiet work or to make an important phone call, they can use a designated focus room, or a project team can work in one of the meeting rooms, among other new office facilities. On the other hand, everyone is expected to sharedesk and vacate a workstation when not in use.. This also helps break down many physical and psychological barriers, and contributes to more agile and fluid communication.

‘NWoW involves changing the way people interact with each other, a new agreement between employee and employer, where trust is the key factor that ensures that new work practices can be implemented and developed. These new practices aim to create a management system based on trusting and respecting the employee and is based on result, not presenteeism. This is why it’s usually well-received by valued professionals, who do not view it as an issue, but rather as an opportunity to develop their existing skill sets.’ – adds Jonathan Steer, Director of Building Consultancy at CBRE, one of the authors of new CBRE office concept.

Jonathan Steer added: ‘New work practices do not just involve a physical change in the fit-out of the office - they also implies a new corporate culture and have a considerable effect on employee relationships.”

CBRE’s Office was designed by Iwona Pasik, Senior Architect at CBRE Building Consultancy Team. Workplace consultancy was provided jointly by European and the Polish CBRE Workplace Consultancy Teams.

CBRE Building Consultancy provides occupiers and owners of real estate with technical and functional advice as well as input regarding the arrangement of interiors. Based on specialist consultants’ extensive know-how in construction, technical installations and expertise in the field of strategic accommodation, CBRE offers innovative office concepts which create inspirational working environments.

Jonathan Steer adds: ‘In these cost sensitive times, both in Poland and all over the world, combining operational units and generating savings in the cost of real estate helps improve the bottom line significantly and often leads to a new workplace strategy being deve